How to dress down & play jewelry up

When you want to create multiple looks with your jewelry you can dress it down or play it up using the same pieces. This can give your jewelry a refreshing new look and means you can get more wear out of it as you know how rock the same jewelry to different occasions The secret to dressing down jewelry .

Cultural differences of jewelry design

Jewelry has been a universal form of expression for thousands of years. Designers and craftsmen often draw inspiration from their culture and history to create stunning artworks of jewelry. From all around the world you can see how culture impacts on jewelry design and how different cultures incorporate ideas into fashion. Sometimes the material used represents the resources of .

Accessorize for success using jewelry

You’re standing in front of your mirror, it’s the morning of the job interview or the evening of that first date. You’re pondering what it is your outfit is missing. We’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s that finishing touch that will mean you’re accessorized for success. Whether you have a sales pitch, or meeting someone for .
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How to add Bling on a budget

We all want to look our best but we don’t want it to cost the earth. But how can you get serious sparkle with spending serious cash? The best way to get serious bling on a budget is to think about where you can best spend your hard earn to cash to get maximum impact. A creative way to .
Center of attention

How to positively be the center of attention

It’s surprisingly fun to be the center of attention in a social situation. Other’s will notice you more and if you’re sharing an anecdote or telling a joke it’s easier to make people laugh or listen to your ideas, which can be confidence boosting. However, it can be tricky to become the center of attention if you’re shy or .
Jewelry for formal occasions

Jewelry for formal occasions

Choosing which jewelry to wear to a formal occasion is one of the best parts of getting ready to go out to a sophisticated do. It’s the moment when you can pull out the big guns and wear anything you wouldn’t typically wear on a normal day. We all have strong memories of parents getting out special jewelry which .
Worldwide Jewelry Use

Jewelry as a worldwide investment hedge

For thousands of years the human race has valued and treasured gold and other precious metals. Investing in precious metals and jewelry can be an excellent hedge when economic markets decline and there is a currency crisis. It’s a way to diversify your portfolio from stocks and property and is used by banks and keepers of long term investment .
Wedding jewelry Accessories

Best accessories for your Wedding

What’s the first thing you start thinking about when you get engaged? We’ll bet for most it’s the dress. The budget for a wedding dress can vary greatly but have you ever considered it might be worth spending more on the best accessories and jewelry for your wedding? After all a wedding dress doesn’t usually get worn again but .
WOW factor with jewelry

Creating the WOW factor with jewelry

We all know it when we see it. We walk passed someone on the street or see that person across the room who looks, well “WOW”. It’s a magical combination of knowing what looks good on you and how to make a stylish impact without looking too try hard. Jewelry can play a big part in this as it .